Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The nation's most visited National Park is within a day's drive of half the nation's population. It attracts about twice as many visitors as any other park in the nation. The park is best known for more than 600 black bear that roam at will, 800 white tail deer, 200 different kinds of birds, 50 other kinds of fur bearing animals, 80 types of reptiles, and 80 kinds of fish.

The name "smoky" apparently came from the bluish haze that frequently hovers over the mountain like a blanket. One square mile of timbered slopes releases over one million gallons of water into the air each day. The Smokies were so hazy, the Cherokee Indians did not use smoke signals but had runners deliver messages. Smoke signal would get lost when they went above the tree tops.

The weather is always beautiful in the Smokies and every season has something unique to offer visitors.

Spring Time
The weather is generally mild. Spring sweeps through mountains like a green firestorm. Bees swarm, flowers bloom A cold snap can still come when the dogwood trees have put out their starched white blossoms. Mountain folk call it "dogwood winter."

Summer Time
Its a great time to head for the mountains and sit in a cool clear mountain stream or sit on your front porch in a rocking chair with a mountain breeze blowing through your chair.

Fall Time
Warm days for exploring and hiking to your favorite mountain trails, cool nights for your romantic settings around the cabin's fireplace.

Winter Time
Winter is a quiet, restorative time in the mountains. Its a great time for you also to heal with nature. Though winters are generally fairly mild, extreme temperatures are possible. By November snow can visit the high country. A foot or two can fall in a winter storm, normally snowfall is measured in inches. Florida license plates are common when the snow flies, the occupants of the vehicles laughing and throwing snowballs. Join the fun!!!